He promised to return, yet despite spending over 60 years in the spotlight, Arnold Schwarzenegger has never left.


Since 1966, when he made his first voyage to the US from Graz, Austria, the Terminator has assumed an amazing variety of personas.

bodybuilder, action figure, bad guy, and even, in a 2003 move that looked absurd,

yet in reality, the California governor who was elected foreshadowed decades of future politics.

Arnie's most recent transformation is something more expected: he is now a "self-help guy," as he puts it.

Schwarzenegger has released Be Useful, his seventh book, which offers his "seven tools for life" and was written after he left government in 1990.

lessons he's picked up in all his different incarnations.

Beyond a short mention of "rock bottom" and an implication that he mistreated his family, it excludes:

The amount of punk royalty in this band, which Grohl has discussed as being important for rock to be relatable and accessible to fans, is astounding.

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