Information about Shane Warne's astounding $20 million will be made public.


The majority of Shane Warne's $20 million fortune has been divided among his three children, Jackson, Brooke, and Summer. Shane Warne is a cricket icon.

Shane Warne, a great cricketer from Australia, had his affairs made public.

The leg spin great's three children will each receive about $20 million in inheritance.

Other family members were also mentioned in the will, however Warne's ex-partners Simone Callahan and Liz Hurley received nothing.

Each of Warne's children received 31% of his estimated fortune of $20.7 million.

Jason, his brother, as well as Tyla and Sebastian, his niece and nephew, each received a portion of the remaining money.

The majority of Warne's estate was made up of his $6.5 million Portsea mansion.

Aside from having $5 million in his bank account, too. He also had stock worth about $3 million.

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