E.T.'s child star appears to have changed. 41 years after appearing in the legendary film


With his moving performance, Henry mesmerized the audience, and by the movie's conclusion, millions of people were sobbing uncontrollably.

as an emotional Elliott bids E.T farewell as the alien boards a spacecraft that will transport him to his native planet.

Henry's second acting role was in the science fiction blockbuster, which many people believe to be among the best films of all time. He wasn't even the first boy considered for the part of Elliott.

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Another actor who had already completed filming for E.T. was supposedly fired from the film due to unsavory behavior

making Steven Spielberg conduct a casting call for the role of Elliott

Steven was so delighted by Henry's audition that the director immediately offered him the part.

The amount of punk royalty in this band, which Grohl has discussed as being important for rock to be relatable and accessible to fans, is astounding.

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