Grimes, Elon Musk's ex-wife, sues him for violating their children's parenting rights.


Grimes has submitted a petition in an effort to formalize her ex-Elon Musk's paternal bond with their three children.

Regarding their three children, Claire "Grimes" Boucher has filed a lawsuit against her ex-boyfriend Elon Musk.

On September 29, the singer filed a "petition to establish parental relationship" in a court in California.

When the parents of a child are not married, the petition asks the court to recognize them as the child's legal parents.

Although the documents have been sealed, anyone can access the case's docket.

It appears that the co-founder of Tesla has not yet reacted to Grimes' plea.

She has not yet requested custody or child support.

Beginning their romance in 2018, Grimes, 35, and Musk, 52, had a tumultuous relationship that ended in September 2021.

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