Guide to the Cast and Characters of A Million Miles Away


An renowned biopic about José M. A Million Miles Away will be released on September 15, 2023.

As Hernández in the Prime Video Original movie, Michael Pea

a Mexican immigrant who grew up in Stockton, California, working the fields before following his career goal of becoming a professional astronaut.

A fantastic cast of performers, in addition to the compelling true story, bring the motivational and inspiring film to life.

They frequently portray astronauts in real life. In case you haven't seen the film,

Here are the main characters from A Million Miles Away, along with the fantastic performers who play them.

José M. Hernández is brought to life by Michael Pea in the inspirational true story.

José and his family moved from Mexico to Stockton, California, and now they toil nonstop as farm laborers.

When José observes the Apollo moon mission's launch in the late 1960s,

Other stories

He is motivated to make every effort to pursue a career as an astronaut.