Both Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz Join Joel Madden and Nicole Richie on a double date.


Benji Madden and Joel Madden, husbands of Nicole Richie and Cameron Diaz, played music with their band Good Charlotte at a Veeps All Access launch party.

Nicole Richie and Cameron Diaz had a good day out on the town supporting their musician husbands.

Diaz, 51, and Richie, 42, were spotted on Tuesday in Los Angeles attending the Veeps All Access launch party alongside their spouses.

Benji and Joel Madden are event hosts and identical twins.

Joel, 44, donned all-black to the occasion, while Richie chose a bright gown. Diaz and Benji, 44, matched in black.

Nicole's sister Sofia Richie attended the occasion as well, and in one photo taken on the red carpet, Nicole could be seen cuddling up to Diaz.

At the event on Wednesday, Benji and Joel performed alongside the band Good Charlotte to promote Veeps.

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