Jordan Fisher has been added to the Broadway production of Hadestown's cast.


On Tuesday, the producers revealed that Fisher, 29, will portray Orpheus at the Walter Kerr Theatre in New York City starting on November 20.

Fisher will take over for Reeve Carney, an original cast member who is leaving the show on November 19.

Carney currently shares the screen with Betty Who (Persephone), Phillip Boykin (Hades), Lillias White (Hermes), and Solea Pfeiffer (Eurydice).

Fisher released a statement saying, "I must thank Reeve for the magic he made in Orpheus first."

"A truly historic performance and run. This part and this story are profoundly infused with his unwavering heart and soul.

I'm incredibly appreciative and honored to have the chance to take over and manage such a masterfully written character.

I've been listening to the cast album nonstop with my wife and son.

Being able to join the party has been a dream come true! especially in this capacity.

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