When the Rolling Stones tried to record some of Mick Jagger's tunes, Keith Richards claimed that they were "bad."


that caused their next album, Hackney Diamonds, to be released eighteen years after their previous original album, A Bigger Bang.

The guitarist declined to talk on the meanings behind the singer's statements on the most current record in a recent interview with the BBC, stating

"Mick writes the song's lyrics. He does, however, possess some anguish, so I thought, "Well, let's use it."

In my opinion, the singer's desire to sing the content is the most important requirement for creating a record.

Mick can really ruin a song if it's one he doesn't like for. And given Mick's cyclical excitement, that may be one of the reasons it took 18 years.

The Stones are "very real guys," according to Richards, who also said that "when we start playing, we all know, 'Yep, that's it,' or 'No, that isn't it."

And we need to examine ourselves if it seems fake.

He reported that their approach to recording Hackney Diamonds was ingrained with the idea of keeping "real," which he found appealing.

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