'According to some critics, too trashy': Maury Povich reveals why he thought his Lifetime Emmy Award was a 'prank'


Maury Povich, TV veteran, reflects on the surprising Lifetime Achievement honor at Daytime Emmys and shares insights on career, marriage, and the evolving talk show landscape.

Maury Povich, a broadcasting veteran for over six decades

finds himself in disbelief at being awarded the Lifetime Achievement honors at the Daytime Emmys.

Renowned for hosting The Maury Povich Show, later rebranded as Maury, his career spanned 31 years

showcasing a unique blend of reality TV elements such as soap opera drama and WWE-style confrontation.

Povich, now 84, never anticipated such recognition, especially as his show was deemed controversial and labeled by some as trashy

ovich's show gained prominence for its iconic Who's the Daddy? segment

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