There's a new "mambo" sauce at McDonald's. We solicited opinions from D.C. mumbo experts.


Mumbo sauce is the sticky, spicy, orange-red blood that permeates D.C.

Apart from landmarks, dance music, hot weather, and Metro delays, very little is associated with the District as much as

Thus, on October 9, when McDonald's declared that it would be releasing its own special "mambo sauce,"

Many DMV citizens expressed their wide range of contradictory emotions on the internet.

Love for mumbo sauce is really intense, particularly when it comes to Asian takeout businesses and D.C.'s Black community.

that I determined it was time to consult the professionals. I asked four experts on mumbo sauce what they thought of the McMambo news and what mumbo meant.

Arsha Jones, Capital City Mambo Sauce's co-owner and CEO.

a sentimental Jack, according to Diane, is a very kind and patient man.

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