Nicole Kidman rejected the novel with numerous pornographic scenes.


She was concerned that "it would penetrate" her unborn child, and Kate Winslet was cast in the role.

The Reader Role ultimately went to Kate Winslet because Nicole Kidman turned down the part, earning the latter a well-deserved Oscar. Continue reading to learn more.

In many cases, a deserving role in Hollywood has gone to a different performer.

They ultimately missed out on the opportunity to take home the prized Academy Award.

When Nicole Kidman declined to participate in the 2008 Oscar-winning film The Reader, a similar scenario occurred.

In the end, Kate Winslet was cast in the part. Guess what? The latter won the Best Actress Oscar for the same performance. Much regret?

The Reader received five Academy Award nominations in 2009

Nicole Kidman had her own reasons for declining a chance to win the Oscar at the time.

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Nicole Kidman declined the reader with many explicit scenes because she believed "it would penetrate" her unborn child; Kate Winslet instead received the role.