Recently some roumours around Mummy 4 have come to the surface


Brendan Fraser is set to take a second short at his role along with Rachel Weisz

New mummy movie will be known as,  The Mummy: Fountain of the Persian Knights is set to be in theatres on 2025

There has been a long series of Mummy movies which had been announced yet not released

One such movie has been The Mummy: Rise of the Aztec but it never materialised

Hence there is still confusion on whether this new rumour will be true

⁠If anything Branden Fraser himself seems unsure as he states “He doesn’t know how it would work”

Fans are planning to launch a petition to get this materialised soon

 ⁠If anything we can all hope for it to be true so that we can Branden Fraser in his famous role for Mummy 4

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