With the end of the year, our favourite golden globes awards are back and this time with a bang


If the rumours are to be believed this year analysts are expecting movies like Barbie, Oppenheimer, Maestro etc to lead the fray

Recently golden globe has transformed into a for profit be venture dissolving HFPA

⁠This year CBS will be the new home of the Golden globes awards

⁠Couple of years back Golden globes were in a major controversy where they didn’t have any black representatives in the members

⁠This led to a major crisis for the Awards reducing its viewership from 19 million to 6, lowest ever

⁠Now the award show os revamping by moving from NBS to CBC and hence a sense of optimism

⁠It is clear some of the new movies and shows this year deserve to get this important award

 ⁠It is the most prominent award second only to Oscars and hence something worth patiently waiting for

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