Fans have been devastated when What Not to Wear on TLC ended, and not just because Sister Wives took its place and no longer provided fashion advice.


but because co-hosts Clinton Kelly and Stacy London had a loud argument.

The two appeared together on the Today show this morning to announce that the group has reunited.

that all the rumors about a bloody fight between the two that had been going around were grossly exaggerated.

When I kept reading the same Instagram clickbait article about how much we detested one another, I felt like

Since we don't actually detest one another. In fact, we love each other," Kelly added during their conversation.

We feel a lot of love for one another. Can we put this behind us? I asked Stacy when I spoke to her. Let's discuss it.

We also had a really emotional discussion. It happened during the pandemic, sort of as it was coming to a close. And we just discussed everything.

London continued, "I bawled my eyes out. I let everything hang out

I told Clinton everything that bothered me, pained me, and made me feel as though I had wronged him. All the foolish stuff, all the little grudges.

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