Stephen A. Smith makes indirect jab at Jason Whitlock in latest rant


Stephen A. Smith recently made some strong indirect comments against another person in sports media

but it may not be too difficult to decipher who the comments were for.

During "The Stephen A. Smith Show" on Oct. 11, Smith addressed his situation involving Marcellus Wiley

who accused Smith of pushing out his former "First Take" partner from ESPN in large part because he was shocked by Kellerman's intelligence. 

"The only thing that I would say to [Wiley] is 'bro, really? A Black man is scared of the intelligence of a white dude, really?' In the year 2023

Smith denied being afraid of anybody in terms of intellect because he either believes he's smarter than someone or learns from the intelligence of others to improve his own intellect.

He went on by saying that he respects the former NFL player, saying that he's willing to address his comments but not the ones of another person

who Smith said he wanted to keep nameless. He then went on to take some strong indirect jabs at this person. 

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