Eminem has seen the top of the music world with his great hits and success


His music has established not just the way to rap but also created a genre (Freestyle) while destroying some genre (mumble rap)

Eminem however seems to be too old now for the youngsters today

In the age of tik tok where meaning is not as important as short term dopamine, lyrical singers like eminem can suffer

If reports are to be believed, Eminem has started to come to office at 9 am and leave at 6 pm making it a professional job

 ⁠It seems he is set and ready now to rock the world and impress the new age fans

Often he has expressed lack of motivation and probably this change of schedule will prove to be a good news for everyone especially us, his fans

Eminem has had multiple battles with artists like MG kelly and he has always triumph

 ⁠If anything we can all hope for it to be true so that we can Branden Fraser in his famous role for Mummy 4

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