One of the games a lot of gaming enthusiasts have been waiting for, “ The day Before” has finally failed


After having several misleading trailers and fund raising campaigns the game seems to have finally shut down

The reasons for failure is utter incompetence from the developers and inability to patch the broken game

⁠The day before collected 40 dollars per player and it seems it is using the money to pay off the debt

⁠The day before released the game in a different genre from what was promised

⁠The day before is definitely going to be great has been developers war cry since last 5 years and it’s now disappointing

 ⁠How colossal failure the game has been, it seems the reputation will be tainted forever

Or maybe not, maybe like logan paul each scammer gets 9 lives

 ⁠It is the most prominent award second only to Oscars and hence something worth patiently waiting for

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