The world is listening to warnings about the technology, according to AI pioneer Geoffrey Hinton.


Months after prominent proponents of artificial intelligence started raising the alarm about the dangers of the technology

One of the pioneers in the field claims to sense that others are paying attention.

I think that people have realized that there are a lot of issues. said Geoffrey Hinton

The British-Canadian computer scientist who received the A.M. Turing Award spent the majority of the year

The 'godfather of AI' recently resigned from his position at the dominant search engine Google so that he can more openly address AI's concerns.

which he has named as war robots, echo chambers, fake news, bigotry and discrimination, and unemployment.

Although some people, like fellow AI pioneer Yann LeCun, have played down his existential risk warnings

He claimed on Wednesday that the existential threat has convinced him because technology developed by humans who are better than we are will set subgoals in order to attain efficiency.

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