Tom Hanks Fired a 'Band of Brothers' Actor for This Bizarre Reason


The action set one young actor on an interesting road that ultimately led back to Hanks.

Tom Hanks rejected comedian and improviser Connor Ratliff from a small part in Band of Brothers because Hanks said Ratliff had "dead eyes."

Ratliff gave up acting for a period after getting rejected from the program, but he later found success in improv comedy and started the podcast Dead Eyes.

Ratliff's experience is examined in Dead Eyes along with more general issues of failure.

rejection in the entertainment industry, which is felt by everyone

With the HBO miniseries Band of Brothers, Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks revisited World War II in the early 2000s.

One of the show's many remarkable aspects was the cast, which was filled with actors that were well-known at the time.

The aforementioned actor was hired for a little role but was let go by the episode's director, Tom Hanks, for an unspecified reason.

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