Thompson openly expressed worries about how his children may perceive his history as they get older.


Tristan Thompson is concerned about his children's reactions to his prior choices.

The 32-year-old NBA player updates Khloé Kardashian on his home development on the most recent episode of The Kardashians.

I'm eager to show it to you when it's done, he says.

The 39-year-old co-founder of Good American said, "Trust me, I can't wait to see the finished product either."

"No, I understand. I am aware that, in certain ways, nothing compares to having your own place, he says.

Not at all, just outright. I still require privacy. I enjoy being by myself," she clarifies.

Thompson noted that he "was a great house guest" as a result.

It's you. You're quite helpful, and you get along well with youngsters. Please know that I value it.