Missing The View for a "exciting" mystery assignment is Whoopi Goldberg. "I promise, it's a good one."


Whoopi Goldberg was away from The View on Wednesday, working on an unidentified project that Joy Behar hinted would soon be disclosed.

As you can see, Whoopi is off today. She's off doing something really exciting," the 81-year-old cohost said at the top of the show's live telecast

which she guest-starred on as Goldberg's stand-in moderator.

The comedian kept teasing the significant advancement of the 67-year-old Oscar-winning Ghost actress.

inviting viewers to watch a later episode in order to learn more.

Behar remarked, "I can't tell you what it is." "On Monday, when she will reveal what it is, we would like you to watch.

Representatives from The View and Goldberg have been contacted by EW for comments

The source goes on, "[They] have things in common, so it might advance.

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